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Conversations with him inevitably twist into surreal stream of consciousness rants, with only coherent comments going to Harvey's pelt.

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Sonny Backluwitz's personality primarily revolves around his schizophrenia, and his belief that his dog Harvey can talk to him, even after death, he rarely, if ever directly communicates with anybody, opting to rely on the words of Harvey to make decisions, and to shout words such as "POWER! Sonny also seems to be a prideful individual when it comes to his abilities as a wrestler, as he refuses to attack Brad Armstrong if he doesn't have the Eternal Title Belt, seeing him as an unworthy opponent, declaring that "He's not worth my clothesline As stated by his biography in the website and art book, Sonny is a possessor of violent tendencies as well, which is reflected in the decor of the cave he resides in A series of hearts alongside the words KILL YOU, repeated many times , this resulted in his banishment from the EWC.

However, in spite of his violent nature, he is still capable of forming close bonds with people. Complete the Tag Team arc before starting the Eternal storyline, which will allow Shocklord to join Brad's party.


You will also be unable to take part in the Dystopian Rumble, one of the only ways to grind in the game. Sonny is a strong fighter with a generous amount of HP.

He uses TP instead of SP, but while they may be of a hindrance, most of his skills are actually decently cheap. His best feature by far is his fear-inducing clothesline attacks, which both deal strong damage and additionally have a chance to make the target scared and also cry.

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Sonny A former wrestler exiled for his violent, insane behavior. His only friend is his dog Harvey Should I rip this guy to shreds? He's not worth my clothesline Contents [ show ]. Categories :.


Cancel Save. With optional reward ads, Sonny's glorious zombie abs are now available for everyone to enjoy without a price tag, including shiny new iPhone X support. Also, make sure your using the right set of equipment that complements your skill set. The most expensive equipment is not always the best choice. While certain strains will work better with each other, it is not a critical factor in beating the game as Legend.

Lastly, picking the right teammates that complement your overall strategy should not be overlooked. Okay, so first of all, I'm a huge fan of sonny 2.

Please explain: Gruelling response to Wallabies' World Cup disaster

So I was really excited to play this. I was having fun in the first 2 or so zones it got more frustrating, but doable. I'm at Blackhall Keep now I think. I'm not saying I want this to be a mindless phone game, but it's nearly impossible. What's the point of having a skill tree where you can choose your path when only one path works?


Come to think of it, I don't even know if one of them will work to get me through this game I see the respec button, but I shouldn't have to use it between every zone or every battle. I'm up for a challenge, but! If one of my party members dies and others are critically low before we even get to our turn, it's broken.

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It just is. At least maybe have different difficulty settings or something. I don't want to uninstall because the gameplay is fun, but the challenge is too unrealistic. Plus there's a glitch with sound- if you turn off sound and music, then end a battle, it'll come back on, but that's the LEAST of my problems. I have faith in this game still, but I am just not going to play it further or improve my review until I can feel like it's actually possible. I love the series, and have beaten all the computer versions, but this is very buggy.

A lot of the abilities just stop working in later stages. My character will just stand there and my turn will pass.

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When it becomes my turn again the move is on cool down even though nothing happened. Another buggy move is when I attempt to silence my enemies abilities. The move will hit and the silence will apply, but then they will use the move I silenced again right away, as if I never silenced them at all. The game can be really hard in some areas but I still find the game enjoyable, after all, is it really fun if you can beat it so soon? But it gets to the point where it can be really grindy.