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The Canadians played a leading part in the breaking of the Gothic Line crossing the Peninsula north of Florence in August In all, 92, Canadian soldiers served in the Italian theatre and a quarter of these became casualties. Back to Exhibitions. The German Invasion of Western Europe. The Sicilian and Italian Campaigns, Search for :.

Jerry Sage, German POW camps, and “the Great Escape”

Detailed Search. An account of the expedition of the British fleet to Sicily in the years , and under the command of Sir George Byng. The administration of justice under military and martial law : as applicable to the army, navy, marines, and auxiliary forces. The adventures of Captain John Patterson, with notices of the officers, etc. The aegis of England: or the triumphs of the late war, as they appear in the thanks of Parliament, progressively voted to the Navy and Army, and the communications either oral or written on the subject: chronologically arranged, with notices biographical and military.

Eglise, les institution. The army book for the British Empire: a record of the development and present composition of the military forces and their duties in peace and war. Clair, Commander in Chief of the land forces. Authentic papers relating to the expedition against Cartagena: containing letters between the Admiral and the General, their Councils of war etc: also letters between the Vice King of Santa Fe, Governor of Carthagena and the Admiral.

An autobiographical memoir of Sir John Barrow, Bart. British naval biography: comprising the lives of the most distinguished Admirals from Howard to Codrington, with an outline of the naval history of England from the earliest period to the present time. Cabot bibliography: with an introductory essay on the careers of the Cabots, based upon an independent examination of the sources of information. The centennial of the settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalists the celebrations at Adolphustown, Toronto and Niagara with an appendix containing a copy of the U.

List, preserved in the Crown Lands Department at Toronto. Cetywayo and his white neighbours: or, remarks on recent events in Zululand, Natal, and the Transvaal. A chronicle of the Kings of England: from the time of the Romans government unto the death of King James: containing all passages of state and church, with all other observations proper for a chronicle: faithfully collected out of authors ancient and modern, and digested into a method.

Tiger: together with an account of his journey in Russia, and his interview with the Emperor Nicholas and the principal persons in the Empire. The expedition to Borneo of H. Final French struggles in India and on the Indian seas: including an account of the capture of the isles of France and Bourbon, and sketches of the most eminent foreign adventurers in India up to the period of that capture: with an appendix containing an account of the expedition from India to Egypt in Histoire de la marine francaise pendant la guerre de l'Independance americaine: precedee d'une etude sur la marine militaire de la France et sur ses institutions depuis le commencement du XVIIe siecle jusqu'a l'annee The historical library of Diodorus the Sicilian in fifteen books: to which are added the fragments of Diodorus and those published by H.

Historical record of the Ninth, or East Norfolk, Regiment of Foot, containing an account of the formation of the Regiment in and of its subsequent services to An historical review of the Royal Marine Corps: from its original institution down to the present era, History of the Confederate States Navy from its organization to the surrender of its last vessel: its stupendous struggle with the great navy of the United States; the engagements fought in the rivers and harbors of the south, and upon the high seas; blockade-running, first use of iron-clads and torpedoes, and privateer history.

History of the English Parliament: its growth and development through a thousand years, to History of the United Netherlands: from the death of William the Silent to the twelve years' truce History of the war with America, France, Spain and Holland: commencing in and ending in Journal kept during the Russian War: from the departure of the army from England in April , to the fall of Sebastopol.

A journal of the expedition to Carthagena with notes: in answer to a late pamphlet entitled An account of the expedition to Carthagena. Life, voyages, and exploits of Sir Francis Drake, with numerous original letters from him and the Lord High Admiral to the Queen and great officers of state. Maximilien Schumann: sa vie et ses oeuvres: son r? Medical reports for the New Zealand War of special report on wounds and injuries received in battle.

Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough: with his original correspondence collected from the family records at Blenheim and other authentic sources. Memorials of the professional life and times of Sir William Penn, Knt. The military encyclopaedia: a technical, biographical, and historical dictionary, referring exclusively to the military sciences Narrative of services in the liberation of Chili, Peru and Brazil from Spanish and Portugese domination. Narrative of the expedition to China, from the commencement of the war to its termination in with sketches of the manners and customs of that singular and hitherto almost unknown country.

The war in the West, – (Chapter 14) - The Cambridge History of the Second World War

Narratives of shipwrecks of the Royal Navy between and compiled principally from official documents in the Admiralty. The naval history of Great Britain: from the declaration of war by France in to the accession of George IV, ed. The Nemesis in China, comprising a history of the late war in that country: with a complete account of the colony of Hong-Kong. A new and enlarged military dictionary, in French and English: in which are explained the principal terms A new military, historical, and explanatory dictionary: including the warriors gazetteer of places remarkable for sieges or battles.

Notes on the defensive resources of Great Britain ; with suggestions for the formation of a Militia Artillery. Our Admiral's flag abroad: the cruise of Admiral D. Farragut commanding the European squadron in in the flag-ship Franklin. Compiled in the Secretary's Office at that Institution.

Plymouth Armada heroes: the Hawkins family with original portraits, coats of arms and other illustrations.

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  • Records of U.S. Occupation Headquarters, World War II.
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  • Apocalypses year (La Saga des initiés t. 2) (French Edition).

John Hall, of the 54th Regiment of Foot; on several charges preferred against them respectively by William Cobbett, Late Serjeant-Major of the said Regiment; together with several curious letters which passed between the said William Cobbett and Sir Charles Gould, Judge-Advocate General; and various other documents connected therewith in. Rank and badges, precedence, salutes, colours, and small arms, in Her Majesty's Army and Navy and auxiliary forces, including a record of the military and naval forces in the different counties of Great Britain and Ireland.

Reminiscences of a naval officer during the late war, with sketches and anecdotes of distinguished commanders. Report on the arrangements which were made, for the internal defence of these Kingdoms, when Spain, by its Armada, projected the invasion and conquest of England: and application of the wise proceedings of our ancestors, to the present crisis of public safety.

Royal warrant for the appointment, promotion and retirement of combatant officers: dated the 13th August A selection from the public and private correspondence of Vice-Admiral Lord Collingwood, interspersed with memoirs of his life. The Shannon's brigade in India: being some account of Sir William Peel's naval brigade in the Indian campaign of Statistical tables shewing the rates of pay, hours of work, and other particulars with regard to labour employed by government departments in January, Two summer cruises with the Baltic Fleet in being the log of the "Pet" yacht, 8 tons, R.

An universal military dictionary, in English and French: in which are explained the terms of the principal sciences that are necessary for the information of an officer, 4th ed. The Victoria Cross: an official chronicle of the deeds of personal valour achieved in the presence of the enemy during the Crimean and Baltic Campaigns and the Indian, Persian, Chinese, New Zealand, and African Wars from the institution of the order in to A visit to Paris in being a review of the moral, political, intellectual, and social condition of the French Capital. ABC of the army : an illustrated guide to military knowledge for those who seek a general acquaintance with elementary matters pertaining to the British Army.

Abstract of the recommendations of the principal commissions, committees and conferences relating to Army affairs : [] : nos. Fuller, John F.

HE President Open the New Army Headquarters Complex

The administrative history of the operations of 21 Army Group on the continent of Europe, 6 June May An admiral never forgets: reminiscences of thirty-seven years on the active list of the Royal Navy. Admiral Vernon and the navy: a memoir and vindication: being an account of the Admiral's career at sea and in Parliament, with sidelights on the political conduct of Sir Robert Walpole and his colleagues, and a critical reply to Smollett and other historians.

The air battle of Malta: the official account of the R. Annals of the 3rd Battn. The army in India and its evolution : including an account of the establishment of the Royal Air Force in India. Atlas of the world battle fronts in semimonthly phrases to August 15, supplement to the biennal report of the Chief of Staff of the United States Army July 1, , to June 30, to the Secretary of War.

The Australians at Rabaul: the capture and administration of the German possessions in the Southern Pacific.

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Battle of El Alamein: order of battle, Eighth Army, hrs. Before we go back: a pictorial record of Norway's fight against Nazism, both inside and outside the country. Bermuda in the old empire: a history of the island from the dissolution of the Somers Island Company until the end of the American Revolutionary war Britain at war: the Royal Navy and allies from April to June a complete record in text and pictures.

Britain at war: the Royal Navy and allies from January to March a complete record in text and pictures. Britain at war: the Royal Navy and allies from July to September a complete record in text and pictures. Britain's roll of glory, or the Victoria Cross: its heroes and their valour from personal accounts, official records and regimental tradition. Britain's sea-soldiers: a history of the Royal Marines and their predecessors and of their services in action, ashore and afloat, and upon sundry other occasions of moment. British and foreign merchant vessels lost or damaged by enemy action during Second World War Burma campaign: artillery of 19 Indian Dagger Division; draft account of operations from Oct.

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Manchester ]. Chart depicting ribands and emblems of orders, decorations and medals in use in the British Army including those of certain allied countries. A deathless story or the "Birkenhead" and its heroes: being the only full and authentic account of the famous shipwreck extant, founded on collected official, documentary, and personal evidence, and containing the narratives and lives of actors in the most glorious ocean tragedy in history. Defence Regulations being Regulations made under the Emergency Powers Defence Act, , printed as amended up to and including 11th December, together with A table of Acts of Parliament amended, suspended or applied by Defence Regulations and Despatches of the operations of the British Expeditionary Force, 3rd September to 19th June The diary of Henry Teonge, Chaplain on board H.

Echoes of old wars: personal and unofficial letters and accounts of bygone battles, both by land and sea by those that were there: to a martial anthology.

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  5. The Tyme Paradox: A Novel.
  6. Psicología forense: manual de tecnicas y aplicaciones (MANUALES Y OBRAS DE REFERENCIA) (Spanish Edition).
  7. The enemy at Trafalgar: an account of the battle from eye-witnesses' narratives and letters and despatches from the French and Spanish fleets. Eyewitness: being personal reminiscences of certain phases of the Great War, including the genesis of the tank. Four years on the Western Front: being the experiences of a ranker in the London Rifle Brigade, 4th, 3rd and 56th Division. From the gun room to the throne: being the life of Vice-Admiral H. Philip D'Auvergne Duke of Bouillon. German aggression on Norway: authorised English translation of the White Paper issued by the Norwegian government on April 14th, German campaign in Norway: origin of the plan, execution of the operation, and measures against Allied counter-attack.

    Gordons under arms: a biographical muster roll of officers named Gordon in the navies and armies of Britain, Europe, America and in the Jacobite risings.

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    Government offices, Whitehall Gardens: the special problem of the re-siting of an historic building. Handbook on the British Army with supplements on the Royal Air Force and civilian defense organizations.