Mastering the Tennis Backhand

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I feel it offers maximum power with sufficient spin. The eastern grip, also called the eastern backhand grip, is when the knuckles of the hitting hand are positioned directly over bevel one. When hitting the backhand, bevel one is the top part of the handle. This is a great grip for hitting the one handed backhand with good power and spin. It is used by many of the ATP pros who hit with one hand on their backhand. It largely depends on how players were coached when young. Almost all coaches these days teach the two-hander over the one.

For this reason, they taught it to their students. The great players on tour you see today who use the one probably had such coaches. In some instances, a coach will show a young player both strokes and see which one the player hits better. Some players really take to the one hander. The one-hander was more popular when serve and volley was in vogue. This is because one-handed backhand players have an easier time serving and volleying.

Such was the case with Pete Sampras, who started off with a good two-handed backhand, but made the switch to the one when he was around years of age.

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I personally use both the one and two, but favor the one, as I find it gives a lot more power. The one-handed backhand was very popular in the s and 70s. Popularity for the one started to wane in the 80s when better racket technology was invented. Balls were struck harder and there was less time to set up for shots. The one-handed backhand requires more time to set up and more precise timing than the two-hander.

For this reason, the learning curve on the two-hander is a lot shorter than the one. Coaches recognized this as the game was becoming faster and more competitive. With increased racket technology, a two-hander could hit with comparable power to a one-hander. Two-handers can also take the ball later, hit the high balls easier, and have more control.

He certainly has a good one, but so do all the other players I mentioned in my list above. I think it all comes down to preference. All these guys can crush their one hander and can end the point in one swing. For the reasons I mentioned above.

There are still men who use the one in the pro game, but the numbers decline each passing decade. Why not? Imagine teaching a child how to paint in watercolor and in oil. Learning to paint in oil is a more refined craft that takes longer to master. However, you can create more diverse art with oil, as its textured. In the end, which is better?

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While both are beautiful, the oil painting is simply a richer art. The one hander still has a place in the game of tennis. The most successful players of all time have and had one-handed backhands. Combined, they have over titles. Not too shabby. I would suggest showing a child both and asking the child which one they like more. If a child likes to practice and can put in the time, the one handed backhand is an excellent choice.

Yes, there will be more of a struggle in the early stages, but it will pay off down the line. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. If you have any questions about the one handed backhand, drop me a comment below. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. The reason why you always need to keep working on improving your backhand is simple: backhands are what separate good players from great ones. Backhands are what win games.

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  • You want to be working on different techniques and master the ones you know of course. But if you have the mental strength and will to work on your weaknesses, you will become a true force to reckon with. Many players are naturally gifted with a strong forehand and heavily rely on this shot to get by.

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    9 Tennis Backhand Drills – Improve your backhand

    Through these backhand drills, you will become a more versatile player and will increase the variety of tennis shots you are able to hit with ease. When it comes to backhands, the two-hander is more common amongst players of all levels and skill. A tennis racquet can be heavy for a 5-year-old and they need to hold it with both their hands. Growing up, they perfect that two-handed technique and stick with it as adult tennis players.

    I have trained a lot of people, young adults, year-olds and small children. I can tell you that I have changed my backhand drill routine a couple of times. Eventually, I have perfected it in a way that is both efficient and fun for the players.

    How Can I Improve My Backhand?

    Without further ado, here is the list of tennis backhand drills that I have put together for you. Go out there, practice and enjoy! As a beginner, it can sometimes feel frustrating to work on your backhand because you lack the proper technique. However, experience has taught me that these drills are the best ones to lay the foundations of your backhand.

    The first step to learn how to properly hit a backhand, is holding the racquet and positioning yourself properly. Here is how to do this seamlessly:. For more advanced beginners, with the help of a second player you can combine the beginner exercise 2 with this one. One of the most basic, yet important drill to learn the backhand stroke. Make sure to repeat this exercise a lot.


    Once again, to perform this drill, you need someone to assist you. For convenience, I advise that you practice with another player. You can both perform this drill independently and even make a challenge out of it. There are several two-handed backhand drills that you can work on to improve your tennis game, here are the most effective ones. This is mainly a warm-up exercise for your non-dominant hand. Here is how you perform it effectively:.

    This drill is best performed per sets of 20 hits. Once completed, move on to the next exercise. The next thing to do after the above drill is to add your dominant hand to the shot. Here is how to do this drill properly:. To get the best out of your tennis backhand drills, you need to practice as if you were playing an actual game. Follow through fully across your body to complete the shot. While the backhand tends to be the weak side for most players, persistent practice and development of muscle memory will eventually lead to the proper development of the stroke.

    Developing a strong backhand can give you an added advantage over your opponents.

    Six Steps to the Perfect Two-Handed Backhand | - Live Scores, News, Player Rankings

    When starting out, it is a good idea to first get comfortable with the stroke by shadowing the motion without a racket. Turn your body sideways, bring your arm back, and swing forward in a swooping high-low-high motion. Be sure to follow through fully.