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Along with the range of plated coinage materials, the South African Mint offers a range of traditional coinage alloys. These include materials from the Cupro nickel; aluminum bronze; aluminum nickel bronze and brass range of alloys, as well as more exotic alloys aimed at achieving very specific criteria of color, electromagnetic properties and wear characteristics. These alloys are produced either in-house by the South African Mint in its modern computerized continuous casting furnace, or in conjunction with its local or international supplier network.

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The South African Mint recognizes the importance of these alloys as a component in the design of coinage systems, and is constantly involved in research work aimed at finding innovative ways of expanding their field of application. Rolling Mills. Coils are rolled on modern computer controlled breakdown and fine rolling mills to produce strip of the correct thickness.

Electronic measuring equipment controls the thickness and produces a product that is within microns of the required thickness. These tolerances are essential in determining the final mass of the product. Automated delivery and removal of materials by means of automated guided vehicles allow for an uncluttered and safe working environment. Blanking Blank circular discs are punched out of metal strip by means of precision die-sets mounted in high-speed blanking presses.

Each coin blank is rimmed on the circumference of the blank before it moves on to the Deburring, Electroplating and Coining process. Electroplating is the process of electro deposition of a specific thickness of coating either copper, nickel or bronze onto sub strait core material of either steel or an alloy. The process of electro plating coin blanks is an alternative method of producing less expensive blanks while maintaining the visual and technical characteristics of a solid alloy based coin.

Circulation coins in traditional alloys do not undergo the electroplating process and move past the plating plant on conveyor belts to the next process.

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Annealing and Polishing. During the annealing process the coin blanks pass through a flat belt furnace which has a protective atmosphere of Nitrogen to prevent oxidization. All coin blanks then go through a process of polishing after heat treatment to remove any minor scratches or imperfections to give them a high quality surface finish in preparation for the minting process.

The prepared coin blanks are coined on high-speed presses at speeds ranging from strokes per minute where the obverse and reverse of the coin are imprinted with the specific insignia of a particular country, both for South Africa and internationally. Finished coins are continuously subjected to rigorous quality control inspections.

Coins in traditional alloys and electroplated coins are minted in this department.

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A variety of packaging options are offered by the South African Mint according to the client requirements. Once packed the product is thereafter stored in a computer controlled high-bay store, accessed by automated guided vehicles only.


Alternatively, the product is transported to the Dispatch Department where they are shipped off the client. Material Handling Devices include stores, cranes, Automated Guided Vehicles, conveyors, drop-sections and auto motors.

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The challenge for the country is to ensure that we maximise the value we derive from our mineral resources throughout the mining value chain. In this regard, we should in partnerships explore ways of increasing local beneficiation beyond the production of ferroalloys. These inspiring words of a wise man resonate with the launch of this facility, at the time when most experts have cautioned against such interventions as beneficiations, indicating that it would be impossible to do so in South Africa.

These words must strengthen our resolve in striving to achieve the vision of increased mineral beneficiation. On behalf of the government and the people of South Africa, this major investment is welcomed in South Africa, corroborative of the confidence that a major international company has in the investment climate across the mineral value chain. Skip to main content.

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I thank you. Anglo American Platinum has a number of joint ventures with several historically disadvantaged South African consortia as part of its commitment to the transformation of the mining industry.

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Anglo American Platinum is committed to the highest standards of safety and continues to make meaningful and sustainable difference in the development of the communities around its operations. Our people are at the heart of our business. It is our people who use the latest technologies to find new resources, plan and build our mines and who mine, process and move and market our products — from diamonds through De Beers to platinum and other precious metals and copper — to our customers around the world.

As a responsible miner, we are the custodians of those precious resources.


We work together with our key partners and stakeholders to unlock the long-term value that those resources represent for our shareholders, but also for the communities and countries in which we operate — creating sustainable value and making a real difference. Our approach. Out of a South African Furnace Free download.