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The most widely deployed mobile threat protection service in the world

Installing some lame app should not hoover up all the data, contacts and pictures on a phone— if it does without a good reason, then that app should be banned as well. Stefanko publishes reports on the volume of malicious apps on the store.

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The other benefit with this outsourced approach, is that Google is gaining access to more extensive on-device monitoring as threat actors become more adept at hiding bad code. Multiple heuristic engines working in concert will increase our efficiency in identifying potentially harmful apps.

Something security professionals have known for a very long time, now beginning to be understood by the wider public who have been victimised by cyber criminals no matter what platform they chose. An unspoken presence through this debate is Apple.

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For years, the Cupertino giant heralded the security credentials of its platforms. And while some of that gloss has fallen away, it is still seen as the safer and more secure choice between the two platforms.

Forge of Empires - Бесплатная стратегическая онлайн игра

Beyond the sheer scale of its malware issue, Google struggles to push patches and updates to its fragmented install base—on this note Apple also wins out. Google has been remiss in not addressing it more forcefully a long time ago. Coupled with a fragmented ecosystem on the Android side, in which a large number of device manufacturers infrequently offer critical operating system updates And so, the advice I always offer at the end of these articles remains the same.

Proceed with caution when it comes to installing apps on your smartphones. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin.