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That's one hell of a hit on your liver, and if you're a regular consumer of this kind of drink, whether you're thin or fat this could be causing you all sorts of health difficulties.

Just because it's got fruit in the name, people like you and me think it's healthy, but the reality is this has almost as much sugar as three cans of Coke. Last year we introduced our iced-lemonades to the range, with the primo size containing less than calories. Our Skinny Iced Cappuccino has fewer than 50Kcals. This behemoth contains 90g of sugar, that's 21 teaspoons of the white stuff, alongside calories, the equivalent of a McDonalds Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and then some! To get the same sugar hit from Coca Cola you'd have to drink two and half cans of the Brown Doctor.

Seed and Nut bread

Quite a few things, actually! Sugar wise, this drink is only a fraction less sugary than Coke, but coming in such a large size, it manages to give you over 50g of sugar, more than half an adult's daily amount in one hit. This sports drink also has more calories than a Mars Bar.

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On top of that, according to Goodness Shakes, if you have a particularly hard training session, you should drink two of them! Unless you're training seriously hard, we'd recommend you stick with milk or water.

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Y ou know when you're ordering a large hot chocolate that it's an indulgence, but is it really fair of Starbucks to take it this far? Guzzling down the 80g of sugar in this drink is equivalent to munching that stack of Strawberry Pop Tarts, generally considered to be one of the unhealthiest breakfasts ever produced.

Drinking this sugary monstrosity jacks your blood sugar up and results in strain on your liver and kidneys, the creation of new fat molecules and perhaps worst of all, the sugar lull after the initial hit makes you want to eat more! We provide calories on our menu boards and nutritional information is available on our website to help customers make the choices that are right for them. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

The 15 WORST sugary drinks in Britain: Orange juice with as much sugar as 13 Hobnobs and Innocent smoothies have the same as three-and-a-half doughnuts Single serving of white grape juice contains same sugar as four doughnuts One Starbucks coffee has as much sugar as 10 bowls of Golden Grahams Lucozade sport drink has same sugar as two Walls Magnum Ice Creams Experts warn health drinks are partly to blame for our ballooning waistlines No fibre in juices means sugar is absorbed faster leading to liver overload By Anna Hodgekiss Published: GMT, 30 March Updated: GMT, 1 February e-mail View comments.

Share this article Share. Pret's orange juice contains as much sugar as 13 McVities Hobnob biscuits. Ribena has as much sugar as 13 Oreo cookies. Share or comment on this article: 15 WORST 'health drinks': Orange juice and Innocent smoothies with as much sugar as 13 Hobnobs or 3-and-a-half doughnuts e-mail. Most watched News videos Blind owners film their guide dogs playing together Shocking assassination of officer who arrested El Chapo's son Ukrainian orphan Natalia explains claims of poisoning coffee Wild brawl breaks out between two women in Sydney Chinese villagers stunned after spotting fish with a human face Pawsitively adorable cat is a natural escape artist Adopted Ukrainian orphan Natalia denies having a menstrual cycle Mayor's body falls from coffin in front of funeral mourners in Peru Heartbreaking moment WWII veteran got emotional on BBC Breakfast Horrifying moment mother repeatedly whips son at elementary school Shocking moment police shoot naked woman who stabbed her son Horrifying moment man stabs LA bus passenger to death.

Comments Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Today's headlines Most Read Couple expecting their third daughter discover they were actually having a boy just hours before he was born Girl, seven, left temporarily paralysed by a mysterious illness needs surgery to fix her 'sleepy' left arm Girls are JUST at good at math as boys and brain maturity does not vary by gender, new study finds, Two in five people have misdiagnosed themselves with 'serious diseases' after consulting 'Dr Google' about New York state senator proposes ban on surgery on intersex children unless medically necessary so they can Trendy keto diet will NOT protect your teeth: Dentists urge followers of low-carb regimes to keep brushing Hospitals are urged to offer salary top-ups to senior doctors who have quit the NHS pension scheme in a bid Another reason to be active in old age: Overs who exercise for just an HOUR a week face a lower risk of Odour-ly baffling: Some left-handed women still have a sense of smell even if they are missing the crucial If you think indoor plants clean the air you must be potty!

New research has planted a seed of doubt about Eating whole fruit will raise blood sugar faster than eating a combination of whole starches and a modest amount of fruit. If course, adding in enough protein and fat helps to reduce the blood sugat spikes, but even so, eating mostly whole starches, and some fruit, is more stabilizing for blood sugar.

Please note how fast blood sugars drop among participants in Dr. His program is extreme and not sustainable for most people, but one can see from his results that diabetics get off all their meds typically in a day or two, or their doses must at least be lowered be cut in half in a day or two of eating primarily whole starches.

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Hi Doc Monique. Thanks for allowing my contrarian comments.

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BTW my son is an MD doing research in new nano meds for childhood brain diseases at.. Johns Hopkins, Krieger Institute. Thank you for your readership and commentary! Very sad. The only thing I add is Konsyl fiber, one tablespoon, and a tablespoon of Chia seeds. Yes, adding some fiber and spices can make this even more healthful.

Chia seeds as you do is a good choice. Ground flaxseed and cinnamon would be other additions, for omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and the sugar-stabilizing effects of cinnamon. I like to priase the health beneifts of eating ripe organic bananas with their skin — very high fibre, no pesticides. Note that ripe means with brown spots.. My blood sugar tends to stay even with a steady intake low fat animal protein. And to keep my cholesterol in check, 2 of those days each week I treat myself to scrambled eggs whisking 1 of the egg yokes along with the 2 egg whites whilst adding a tablespoon of grated parmesan.

One half cup of fruit is about all I can eat in a day and not be subject to intense sugar cravings. The natural fiber in most fruit will help with any sugar spike, and in this meal, the addition of plenty of protein and healthy fats will help as well. Heath wise, pretty good according to my yearly blood test. My HBP is under control with low dosage prescription. Brekky, fruit juice mL, pineable, paw paw, mango, strawberry, banana, honey, algarrobina. A cup of coffee with bit a bit o cacao, sugar and the honey. Lunch, just 2 or 3 fruits.

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Diner, anything, but I like fish at pm. So I am still strong!!

5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies!

Here in Canada we have been warned for years about toxins being absorbed into our food from the plastic and have therefore been advised to heat food in microwaveable glass containers only. I, too, was surprised by the use of plastic for heating food in the microwave. Depending on the length of the commute, the fruit may naturally defrost by the time one gets to work.


Or, alternatively, put the fruit in the fridge the night before to begin to slowly defrost overnight. I would miss the whole grains of muesli, and would probably add some for some extra flavor and texture. Dear sir First I want to tell you I learn from your writing few day ago I read on the internet that cereal make tumers me I take every morning I bowl of natural muesli with some fruits is it true that this staff make tumers thanks Send you my regards John galea.

You have been misinformed. Microwave ovens should ONLY be used to sterilize glass bottles.. Yes I was surprised by that as well.

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This seems so basic a thing NOT to do that it makes me take the rest of her advice with a grain of salt. I am not worried about leached carcinogenic plasticizers from microwaving foods in these products. Monique: I looked at your granola recipe which looks very good but when do you add in the cinnamon? Why not have a breakfast with oatmeal, lowfat milk and fresh fruit? This takes almost no time in preparation.

Fresh fruits are readily available in most stores. These include blueberries, strawberries, oranges, apples, as well as peaches etc. I substitute Plain Old-fashioned Oatmeal for Granola and add a variety of nuts, cinnamon for variety with fruit and some plain yogurt for variety.

Is there any research on the health ill effects from the stress of trying to adhere to spartan diets over a long period of time? It would be somewhat ironic if the health benefits of reducing fat and carbs in your diet were outweighed by the stress on your body and mind from denying yourself taste pleasures.

Perhaps moderation is a more sensible and realistic goal.