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All rights reserved. All comments and opinions are mine personally. Got some thoughts or reactions? We'd be interested in your comments - within reason of course. A point on wearing an apron as an FC - It is different in each of my jurisdictions. Three jurisdictions, three ways to wear an apron.

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To clarify, he was taught that the location of the knot for the strings differed in each of the three degrees one is on the left hip, one on the right hip, and one was either in the front or back, I don't recall. I definitely know what you mean regarding the EA apron, but this was different. It sounds like it's more of convention they've adopted and it has slowly morphed into 'the way'. As I'm new to this jurisdiction, I try to keep an open mind, but he keeps telling me things about symbolism taught in his lodge that seems pretty far out there.

It makes me wonder how much is GLCA teaching and how much is stuff that the members of his lodge made up.

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None of my GLs teach this. Glen Cook , Mar 15, I don't think you're too far out there at least not to me and I'm all for esoteric symbolism, but I feel like there needs to be some basis for it.

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Don't get me wrong, at some point meaning has been assigned to all of the symbols, but something about it just struck me as a little odd. I've heard of many different ways to wear an apron. It can be different even within the same Jurisdiction. My Lodge wears it as the ritual stipulates. I've never heard anything about the position of the strings.

The officer Aprons have a clip on them so there's no string to tie.

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In my former Jurisdiction we had EA aprons, white aprons that were manufactured in the EA position, the flap couldn't be put down or adjusted. The Traveling Man , Mar 24, Travelling Man91 , Mar 24, See Map.

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In literature: A clean, neat apron will always improve her appearance. However, he met Big James, with flowing beard and flowing apron, crossing the yard. Make haste, and do up your dishes, and put on a clean apron, and come in to be married. Dey wore de best aprons wid long streamers ironed and starched out a hanging down dey backs.

And Aunt Grace sneaks around like a convict with her hand under her apron. The corner of her apron had brushed against my knees; I raised my head and saw the young girl sitting by my side. She was thin an' pale, an' she had her apron in her hands, pluckin' at it.

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Her tiny frame, clothed in a motley collection of undergarments, dress, and sweaters, is adorned by a clean white apron. Jane, with an old pillow-case pinned round her head and a huge apron on, was on her knees sorting feathers. At last, she pulled Ailwin's apron, so that the tall woman stooped down, to ask what she wanted.